Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The big role played by websites

In today's world websites play the bigger role in our daily life as the tool of communication not to mention it effects in political uprising around the world. For my opinion everybody needs a website to get or to give out information. We also need the websites for economy to market our companies, products, services or even for marketing ourselves.

You can use your own website, or you can use someone else's website which already shows interest on a certain subject, to express your views. Many websites and blogs have special section for comments where you can comment on the issue discussed. Here also I would like to take this opportunity to advice the spammers who take advantage of the comment section and spam it with useless advertisements, you really discourage other users and the websites owners as well.

It's necessary (if not must) for business to have it's own website, otherwise the business will stay behind the market competition since your competitors are already on the web, attracting more customers. Either you are a one-man-show or a big company you need that website to stay up-to-date with the competition.

Websites are cost effective in advertisement comparing with other media like newspapers, radios, TV, flayers etc. Furthermore websites can be updated much easily.

Many businesses has cut down expenditure costs for more than 20% since they established websites. You will need no more staff to answer repetitive or basic questions from your potential clients. A website can be your 24/7 running merchant, you can sell while you are asleep or you are in holiday in Malindi.

NOTE: Website is a good media but it will give you more results if you'll choose the best web design, experienced SEO, and reliable web host from the beginning of the project.

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