Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What is SEO?

SEO is the initial for Search Engine Optimization i.e. the process of making a website, search engines friendly. SEO can also refer to an individual person or the industry of consultants who carry out the optimization projects on behalf of their clients.

Is it necessary to make your website a search engines friendly? Good question! If you are running a private website (to be viewed by special people only) or a public website (to be viewed by everyone) your website must be a search engines friendly. You need that friendship for either of these two reasons:-

1. To tell the search engine not to visit your website, in order not to make your website appear in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) or.
2. To invite the search engines robots to index your website for better rank on SERP.

And how will you know that your website is a search engines friendly? It's very easy to spy on your website's friendship with search engines. It's just like human relationship, when you need information about a particular person you go to his/her friend and ask him/her. So here also when you need information about your website relationship with a search engine you go ask the search engine. what you will need to do is just to search for this phrase, After making that search query the result will show every link of your website which has been indexed by that search engine.

Up to here I hope you have understood what SEO is, who SEO is and the importance of the SEO on your website. Latter I will explain more things concerning SEO, Search Engines and website design.

Monday, February 21, 2011

What is MalindiSEO®

MalindiSEO® is a trademark of Malindi Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Company, I will regularly use it here on this blog to refer to the company.

The Malindi Web Design and Search Engine Optimization Company is a small web design and SEO freelancers' company based in the tourism hub of Kenya, Malindi town.

In Malindi Internet user are increasing day by day due to the growing number of the population. Everyday we receive new local and international investors. Therefore the number of job seekers from other parts of the country is increasing rapidly and make the cybercafes ever full.

Many people here in Malindi are engaging with Internet for many other reasons apart from job seeking and emailing.

Here I am mentioning some few reasons for which people from Malindi are using Internet, and some of the most popular websites surfed.

1. Information: Mostly Malindi dwellers are using Internet to search (the most popular search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo respectively) for websites which are full of information they are needed.

2. Social networking: here i don't want to say more, you know why? people are addict with social network websites especially those who are searching for their other halves. The most visited ones here in Malindi are Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter respectively.

3. messaging: sending and receiving message (mostly Instant messages {IM}) is another activity malindians like to engage with most of the websites used for this purpose are Yahoo, Gmail, Skype,

4. Entertainment:

5. Transactions:

6. Marketing:

7. Education: